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Opti-1: the ergonomic, eco-friendly and affordable document holder reinvented to bring to the masses the prevention of MSDs and the improvement of working conditions of people working on computers.

Recommended by occupational health professionals (including occupational physicians, ergonomists and occupational health nurses), the document holder Opti-1 becomes an essential tool for working with screens that is finally accessible to the largest amount of people!



  • Opti-1 is a new model of document holder for people working with screens that is innovative and ergonomic.
  • Opti-1 can be installed on all workspaces of standard dimensions (depth of 80 cm) equipped with a fixed computer station, or a laptop on a docking station.
    Opti-1 is placed between the keyboard and the screen. This allows you to examine the documents you need to type while keeping your back and head straight. The size of the holder makes it possible for you to place 2 A4 sheets side by side.
  • Opti-1 slips easily over the keyboard, bringing paper documents closer to you. It also makes taking notes much easier.
  • Opti-1 is delivered flat (package or pallet delivery, flat dimensions of 96 x 98 cm) and can be assembled in less than a minute. Delivery and storage constraints are minimal. The excellent quality of the double wall corrugated cardboard, with thick paper, ensures rigidity and strength, but also lightness.
  • Recycled and Recyclable cardboard, with matt lamination that’s anti-glare, anti-stain and anti-scratch, and has dull edges.
  • Opti-1 is available in a standard version with the display “Ergonomic guidelines of your workplace” and “Stretching at the workplace”. You would then have advice on the prevention of occupational risks, which is regularly within sight.
  • Opti-1 is a registered design (patent pending).

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions : Opti-1 à plat

85,5 x 89 cm

Dimensions : Opti-1 monté

49.5 × 30,7× 10,5 cm


5ex, 10ex, 25ex, 50ex, 75ex, 100ex, 150ex, 200ex, 250ex, 300ex, 380ex, 400ex, 450ex, 500ex


From 500 units on


10 kg


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designed in France

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innovation prize

"Great idea, I could not live without it"

Estelle B., Human resources Manager

"A price that beats all the competition and is eco-friendly, bravo!"

Christine G., Human resources advisor

"All administrative staff should adopt the use of the Opti-1"

Isabelle C., Manager AT/MP