Optimeo bends over backwards for your comfort at work

Opti-1, the concept

Opti-1 Ergonomic position for keyboard input

A must-have at the best price

Document holders have become essential for any job working with screens. Opti-1 stands out as an affordable ergonomic product that helps satisfy a greater demand.

Opti-1 Store keyboard for writing

at work

Opti-1 effectively prevents MSDs – musculoskeletal disorders (neck pain, back pain…) and improves your posture.

It significantly improves the working conditions and comfort of people at work.

Opti-1 Keyboard

& efficient

The Opti-1 document holder is made of heavy-duty cardboard. An eco-friendly material that is lightweight and very resistant once folded.

Opti-1 is delivered flat to avoid cluttering and can be easily assembled in seconds.

Opti-1 Keyboard

A sustainable choice

Opti-1 is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard which makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable product, with a minimum environmental impact.

Opti-1 is FSC certified.

Opti-1 is also a customizable communication medium!

Always within sight of the user, Opti-1 has a large printing area. It is an ideal channel for your prevention messages or your advertising campaigns. You can fully customize it to your corporate design. For example, use Opti-1 to display a calendar, your phone book, your messages, protocols or even photos. From 500 units on upon estimate only.

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