Optimeo bends over backwards for your comfort at work

Opti-1 is a hit!

As Céline LUTZ, journalist for Le Mensuel Grand Est, writes, Optimeo is a hit with its ergonomic document holder Opti-1! The article she dedicates to the career of Stanislas DAUBIGNY, his manager, highlights the innovation and the great progress of this brand new office supply that improves working conditions. It must be said that since the beginning of his adventure, Opti-1 has won all the votes and that the success is growing. After winning the innovation prize awarded by Préventica, the orders are coming in and the testimonies are eloquent. This ergonomic and innovative document support effectively and simply improves the working conditions of many employees. Opti-1 is flourishing on the workstations of private companies and public institutions in France… and soon in Europe!

“Among the recurring concerns, the one of the bad position in front of his screen especially when entering documents led me to imagine a tool that allows to position documents in an ergonomic way” Stanislas DAUBIGNY.

The article in question

When entering data on a computer, paper documents are very often positioned on the side. This mispositioning causes tension in the neck, shoulders and back and can lead to postural imbalance leading to MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and many work stoppages in the workplace. Stanislas Daubigny, CEO of Optimeo, a Nancy-based company specialising in the prevention of risks at work on screens, has created a document holder that is placed between the keyboard and the screen.

The idea is simple and a hit. Occupational therapist and occupational psychologist, the Nancy-based entrepreneur is also at the head of Equatio, a firm specializing in ergonomics, particularly for large companies wishing to carry out a complete diagnosis of the working conditions and workstations of its employees.

During his interventions in companies, where he reviews more than 42 points listed on prospecting grids, he raises managers’ and employees’ awareness of risks and resolves inappropriate situations on a case-by-case basis. This ranges from a simple wheelchair adjustment to the complete reconfiguration of a desk.

“Among the recurring concerns, that of the poor position in front of his screen, especially when entering documents, led me to imagine a tool that allows documents to be positioned ergonomically,” explains Stanislas Daubigny.

A solid but lightweight, laminated and fully customizable cardboard board can be assembled in no time and becomes a support with the right inclination to place documents between your keyboard and computer screen. Opti-1 (pronounced “Opti One”) has just received the innovation prize at the Preventica exhibition in Paris.

Since then, Opti-1 has flourished on the desks of major companies throughout France such as Enedis, Vinci, Orange, CNRS, Université de Lorraine, Nantes Métropole, Acoris Mutuelles and BNP Paribas.

The success is there. “I am accompanied by ICC 54. I benefit from valuable advice, I was able to participate in the consular meetings organized by the Chamber,” says Stanislas Daubigny. In recent days, Optimeo has been conquering the European market, particularly Germany. Its Opti-1 support has just been translated into Goethe’s language.

Source: Céline LUTZ, journalist for Le Mensuel Grand Est