Optimeo bends over backwards for your comfort at work

FAQ - Optimeo Prévention

Opti-1 is designed to adapt to almost all workstation (standard dimensions of 80 cm deep).

The minimum order is 25 units. This gives you the standard version of Opti-1 (with the advice of ergonomic adjustments in the workstation and the stretching exercises). 

The minimum order for customizing Opti-1 is 500 units. 

Yes, it is entirely possible to customize* Opti-1 to your colors, messages, logos… 

In addition to being ergonomic, Opti-1 is a true medium of communication both internal to your employees, and external to your customers or members. 

Two options are available to you after confirming your order: 

  • Your department of communication customizes the template of Opti-1 we provide you with. 
  • You send us your graphic elements and Optimeo’s communication department presents you with a graphic design proposal. 

Your approval of the Ready for press sample initiates the production of your order. 

Customization possible from 500 units on. 

The two means of payment on the online store are paying with a Credit or Debit Card or a Wire transfer.

Upon reception of your payment, we prepare your order and ship it as soon as possible.

Opti-1 is for everyone working with a desktop computer. 

All private companies and public institutions are therefore concerned: 

  • Those that involve on-screen work activity, including document input.
  • Those who want to effectively improve the working conditions of the employees and prevent occupational risks (MSDs: musculoskeletal disorders).

Opti-1 was designed by Stanislas DAUBIGNY, Ergonomist – Occupational psychologist with over 13 years of experience in the prevention of risks related to working with screens. A thorough understanding of the problems faced by people working with screens, and the proper knowledge of the ergonomic equipment that exists on the market, allowed him to identify a real need and a high expectation/demand poorly met so far. Hence the creation of Opti-1. 

Opti-1 is an innovative product that meets today’s expectations: 

  • Eco-responsibility 
  • Improvement of the quality of life at work 
  • Low cost 
  • Make widely accessible an essential item for working with screens 
  • New communication medium
  • Easy DIY assembly 
  • Printed reminder of ergonomic adjustments and stretching exercises in the workplace